Title Rules / Light System / Buyers & Sellers

Title Rules

1.  Oklahoma dealers cannot reassign an out-of- state title. If an Oklahoma dealer brings an out-of- state title to the auction they must also bring a completed Vin Inspection and Oklahoma Reassignment along with the out of-state title. Indian titles are considered out-of-state titles.

2. Any title brought in with a seller’s signature already signed must be notarized. The auction CANNOT notarize an individual’s signature where the individual is not present.

3.  All titles with a lien entered on the face of the title must have the lien release attached.

Light System

Green Light – “Ride & Drive” – subject to all arbitration policies.

Yellow Light –  “Announced Exceptions” – selling dealer must announce exception to the vehicle. All arbitration rules apply except the “announced exceptions”.

Red Light – “As Is” – sold with no arbitration except for a problem with the title being branded or late or if vehicle has frame damage or if air bags are missing from vehicle.


Please examine cars before bidding and be  familiar with all announced conditions of the unit. Cars should not be road tested until buyer has the proper sales receipt for release  from the lot.  Do not test drive unit on lot. Please examine the serial number plate, and the mileage reading before leaving the sale.   Listen to all calls at the block, look at all visible items. We suggest that you not sell or repair vehicle until title is received; there are no guarantee for reimbursement on monies spent on the vehicle.

*It is the buyers responsibility to follow through on the final result of any “if’ sales.


Please have your units on the premises as early as possible, avoiding the last minute rush. Vehicles which are unsafe to operate will not be run through the auction lanes. Please represent your cars accurately and fairly. Be sure each vehicle has enough fuel to be test driven.

Registration Procedures

Telephone Registration : Monday-Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

Sale Day Friday

  1. Please arrive one hour before unit is scheduled to run.
  2. Please have driver stay with unit until it is numbered and registered. Make sure driver knows the year and dealer’s company name for his unit. Sellers are responsible to insure all detailed information (year, make, model, engine, equipment, etc.) is properly represented. The auction will not be responsible for errors involving information provided by the seller.