Odometer Policy – Green Light Units

Sellers must announce from auction block the following:

  1. If odometer is not working properly.
  2. If there is any knowledge that mileage on vehicle is different than mileage on odometer (not actual miles).
  3. Mileage in excess of mechanical limits.
  4. Broken odometers, not actual miles, and mileage in excess of mechanical limits are specific conditions, and must be announced as separate conditions at the time of the sale as the condition warrants.
  5. Odometer readings must be in mileage, not kilometers.
  6. Vehicles  ten  years  or  older    mileage is EXEMPT.
  7. The auction will not become involved in mileage disputes on exempt vehicles.
  8. There are no required odometer announcements on Red Light” vehicles.

Post Sale Inspections

  • P.S.l.’s will only be specific to and include the same details as our arbitration policies.
  • No PSI on vehicles 10 years or older
  • Must have less than 120,000 miles for a PSI
  • Good for 3 days for $85